Peter  Migraines 


"After suffering with severe headaches for as long as I can remember I was diagnosed as having classical migraine. My GP and neurologists tackled it from a conventional medicine standpoint and I was prescribed medication. The migraines were triggered by a number of factors but the big one was stress and I simply could not escape it. A far-sighted GP suggested acupuncture and after some research I found Harmony and Emma.


My attacks had reached the point where I could not decide where one finished and the next one began. The first desperate need was for relief from the incessant pain and a chance to continue with my work for at least 18 months to take me to retirement. Emma got to work with her needles, (hardly felt a thing!) and a suction cupping procedure, she pulled me back to something much closer to normal life than I had thought possible. The agonising attacks were less frequent and became much less severe. My weekly treatments gradually drew out to two weeks, three then four. I am now free from all prescription drugs with the exception of an emergency one and I have not needed that for a year.


I made it through to the start of my retirement and the end of much of my stress. I got there thanks to Harmony and the care I received there. Thank you again Emma for your insight, your skill and your professionalism."



"I am currently five months pregnant!"


After numerous ivf attempts and ready to embark on yet another cycle, a magazine article promoting the beneficial effects of acupuncture in reducing stress and anxiety, prompted me look into it further. I found Emma’s details on a list of approved practitioners and made an appointment. After a through consultation, I had an acupuncture session, which made me feel quite relaxed but also full of energy. I started having weekly sessions that Emma aligned with my ivf cycle.

As I write this, I am currently five and a half months pregnant with my first child!

Throughout my ivf cycles, this was the only element that I added and I believe it definitely contributed to my becoming pregnant. Emma is continuing to help me with acupuncture to relax and enjoy my pregnancy and help with those labour pains!

I would definitely recommend Harmony Acupuncture to anyone going through ivf, and cannot thank Emma enough for her continued support.

Thank you Emma!



"Acupuncture helped stop my migraines after years of suffering"


Sue's Story

I have suffered all my adult life with migraines. It was common for me to suffer at least twice a month and I just resigned myself to the fact there was nothing I could do to stop them and I just struggled on taking tablets for the pain and sickness. Whilst receiving acupuncture for a bad back, Emma mentioned she could help with my migraines too so my treatment was designed to combat both problems. I couldn't believe the difference it made, after just 5 treatments I had my first full month without a migraine and my back has improved too. I feel so much better and it's great not having to take painkillers every single month.



"How I stopped back pain affecting my work"


Pete's Story

I was suffering from excruciating back pain due to the nature of my work and I decided to try acupuncture, hoping this would bring some pain relief. I found Emma extremely professional and friendly and I was given a thorough consultation before receiving any treatment. I was pleasantly surprised that after a few treatments my pain had alleviated and after another few treatments my back was 90% better than previously. I would definitely recommend acupuncture treatment with Emma, I was very happy with the overall results and would certainly visit Emma's clinic again if the need ever arises.



"Dealing with Stress through acupuncture. I'm back in control of my life"


James' Story

Stress is something I never thought I would suffer from in my entire life. I've always considered myself to be a strong person and I didn't realise that stress could have that many physical and emotional affects. Thankfully I got help when I needed it and it really helped to calm my nerves and the constant over-thinking of situations, which also helped improve my sleeping pattern. I now feel that I am back in control of my life.



"How I got relief from PMT"


Katie's Story

I have struggled with PMT for a long time, my symptoms ranged from irritability, strong period pain and generally feeling unwell for one week every month. Acupuncture helps me control these symptoms and now I feel like I can live a normal life without dreading that week that used to make me feel so unhappy.



"How acupuncture helped me cope with pelvic pain during pregnancy"


Julie's Story

This was my 3rd pregnancy and I was concerned because in the past I had suffered with terrible pelvic pain through both pregnancies. I really didn't want to go through that again, but I had not found any way of dealing with it until I decided to try acupuncture. I was surprised firstly at where the needles were placed in my legs and hands and secondly because the day after my 1st treatment my pelvic pain had dramatically reduced. I've only had 2 treatments throughout my whole pregnancy and it has made such a difference. I would certainly recommend acupuncture during pregnancy because it's a safe way to treat all sorts of complaints that normally you just have to cope with because taking tablets such as painkillers is not an option.



"Acupuncture, IVF and me"


We were about to start our third cycle of IVF treatment when I read a magazine article about a couple that had had acupuncture treatment during their IVF and found it to be very beneficial for stress. So I contacted Emma and booked a consultation. IVF is one of the most stressful periods of anyone's life and while I was under no grand illusions that acupuncture was a miracle treatment I thought it would at least help with my stress levels.

Emma carried out a very thorough first consultation, taking a full medical history and explaining how the treatment would work. The treatment was adjusted throughout the IVF cycle in order to assist the IVF.

Emma was extremely professional throughout and a great support. The acupuncture made me feel more relaxed and able to cope with the IVF treatment throughout its different stages and I would recommend it to anyone. I am now expecting twins in the next couple of months and have seen Emma for further treatment for back pain which has made a huge difference.

I would certainly not hesitate in contacting Emma again for any further treatments for anything that may arise in my life. Thanks for everything Emma!



"I was a little Sceptical at first, but my stress levels are now under control"


I was recommended Emma at Harmony acupuncture through a friend of a friend, and I have to say was a little sceptical and apprehensive at the beginning but that soon changed. I was suffering with stress and anxiety from my job and this was made worse by planning my wedding! Emma instantly puts you at ease and takes things one step at a time, she only works as fast as you want to go. The results have been great, I don't fully understand how it works, but it does! My stress levels are under control and I only need top-up treatments now, rather than every week. I would thoroughly recommend Harmony Acupuncture to anyone I know.



"My journey to have a baby"


After numerous attempts with Clomid, 3 IUI’s, 2 fresh and one frozen cycle of IVF there were moments when I felt like I’d lost all hope. It was 3 months prior to starting another IVF cycle when I spoke to a friend who suggested I try acupuncture.

I made an appointment with Emma at Harmony Acupuncture. On the first visit, Emma asked lots of questions and gave me a thorough consultation. I then had a 20 minute acupuncture session which I found very relaxing. I began going every week and the sessions were run alongside and adapted to suit my IVF treatment.

When the time came for my egg collection, my eggs were of very good quality and at the time of embryo transfer, 2 of the best quality embryos I’d ever had were transferred. During the 2 week wait, I still visited Emma and found that it really helped with the dreaded wait! Emma was also very supportive and I found it great to be able to talk to somebody about it.

I finally got the news I’d been waiting for, for 5 years and I am currently 12 weeks pregnant. I am still having acupuncture and will continue to go monthly throughout my pregnancy as I find it so relaxing. I must add that I have hardly suffered with morning sickness either. I truly believe that it was the acupuncture which helped me this time and would highly recommend it to anyone. Thanks Emma!



I first went to see Emma in October 2010. This is something that I have put off for years, as I am scared of needles. I was pleasantly surprised as I hardly felt a thing with the needles. Emma put me at ease from the moment I met her and went through my health history about my bad back. After the first session, I did not feel much change, but after the second session I noticed a big difference and each week after that it got easier. Before, I could hardly get up and down the stairs without struggling, but now I am running up and down them. At first I was having weekly treatment, then it was every two weeks, but now I am going monthly for a top-up. The treatment plan will stretch out further in time. I wish this was something that I had done years ago, instead of suffering for as long as I did. It is now so much easier and I am able to move around a lot better than before. I would certainly recommend her to any of my friends and family that have problems with health issues, not just backache.

Thank you.



My teenage daughter has been suffering stress incontinence for about five years and during that time we have visited a number of consultants and, although the medication was working I was fearful she would have to use medication for her entire life. We met Emma and discussed my daughters’ health issues. She was lovely, very sympathetic and very professional. My daughter has had six treatments and the progress has been tremendous. She is no longer on any medication and has not had any "accidents" for a couple of weeks (prior to treatment it was 2/3 times a week). My daughter is looking better, feeling better and is much more positive. I would not hesitate to recommend Emma and would not hesitate to come back to her.




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